Secret of Yoda EXPLAINED

Many of you wanted me to explain the connection of Yoda to IODINE a little further. I will replay my vid and break it down for you on this live show. The pineal gland is ONLY a spiritual ANTENNA to God. But the dark ones use it for darkness. ►If you are still on FB, join my Group here so we stay connected... ►Follow on Instagram to see things I find... ►Get every UPLOAD & LIVE SHOW notification (mobile users, hit web version first, then FOLLOW button) at ► -OR- become a channel member so we can give back to the community. All proceeds from Level 3 memberships will be GIVEN BACK to the community. We will do live shows and give away $20 Paypal donations to the most needy. I will do my diligence to verify those in need. There is no obligation or pressure for you to join this membership. I will continue to make videos at the high level of dedication I always have. ►TWITTER: ►Even if you are subbed to my channel, Youtube will regularly UNSUB you without your knowledge . So, bookmark my page and check back often for new videos. ►Also, your subscription does NOT automatically give you upload notifications unless you click the BELL button on my page and follow me on Twitter or my Blog. Please, take a second to do this.