BEHOLD, THE BEAST SYSTEM w/ Justen & Wes Faull - CCNT 269/CCR 153

Episode 269: On this episode is a double duty. We interview Justen and Wes Faull about their film, Belly of the Beast (Director’s Cut). But before we do, we start with a Flippy update with a hacked vacuum cleaner speech, a couple 33 updates from rona to the Twilight Zone, Cuomo wins and Emmy, WEF food plan is gross, space is for 2030, mask update that ignores “science”, NWO Great Reset conspiracy theory damage control, CRISPR from Israel kills cancer, and changes cannabis, and an AI plays a dragon in RPG to learn! SHOW NOTES: BECOME A PRODUCER! Paypal: Patreon 1: Patreon 2: Crypto: LIVE ON: Twitch: YouTube 1: YouTube 2: DLive: LISTEN: RSS: