PANDY ENDING MONEY SHOWER: Pope’s 33rd Journey, CDC Waccine Update, Biden’s Shower - CCNT 309

309: On this episode of CCNT, Flippy cuts ribbon, Space Pope Reptilian ends his 33rd Apostolic trip with Symbolic meeting with Shiites and other Muslims; WACCINE: people with waccine can gather CDC, Texas ain’t messing around, blind and deaf, severe rash from Moderna, CA April open; Satanist pick up line fail, 33 coming to America; POLYTICK: Biden “Showers Money,” economist apologist for Biden, Biden new voters EO, ballots on fire in AZ, black twitter vs UK twitter Meghan Harry and Oprah; DEEP FAKE: apologies from fake Tom Cruise, AI voice improves; laser trees! #Biden #Pope #Money SHOW NOTES: COMMUNITY: Paypal: Patreon 1: Patreon 2: Crypto: Twitch: YouTube 1: YouTube 2: DLive: RSS: Spotify: Apple: