SHIFT YOUR PARADIGM: Pelosi Magik, Ape Waccine, Pineal Gland, and Destiny Lab - CCNT 308

308: On this episode of CCNT, Ark from Destiny Lab joins us on the second half of show, Flippy goes on rampage; 33: Biden record, Cuomo, Myanmar, Smashing Pumpkins, Benz 33 Extras; POLYTICK: Pelosi’s Biden incantations, Biden etymology, Q Shaman claims, March 4th Trump; WACCINE: poll on lockdowns, Israeli propaganda, more deaths, Ape gets vaxxed, CDC zombie tips, back door swab official, supercomputer mask, scream booth, variant not good; DESTINY LAB: babies into full grown, backwards children, pineal gland secret letters, triple eyes, Ark in Ethiopia, Nephilim Update! SHOW NOTES: COMMUNITY: Paypal: Patreon 1: Patreon 2: Crypto: Twitch: YouTube 1: YouTube 2: DLive: RSS: Spotify: Apple: