SN1111: Branch CoViDians, Spring of Chaos & Directing Humanity | Factions Of Freedom

[Audio Podcast Version:] [Episode Article:] If you haven't been following our Telegram channel, you probably didn't mark your calendar on April 9th as the day they finally took @Freedom_Faction down. That's right, we have become a casualty in the fight for truth. Our page, several years worth of work, thousands of posts and hundreds of thousands of followers, gone. We must've been doing something right. The Biden Administration doesn't facilitate dissent, nor does it tolerate alternative views. This is the beginning of the authoritarian rule; Truth is always the first casualty of any war, and make no mistake, we are at war. From C19 to corruption within our governments, we are being ruled by criminals and the truth hurts their delusions - This is why destabilization is on our horizon. The truth, at first, hurts but eventually heals. The lies we are being subjected to subjugate us to a point of incompetency, and that's the agenda: Planned obsolescence. Truly, we are seeing a plague of tyranny that must be resisted at every level, and while we may not see our success, we must know others fight harder than ourselves for freedom because at this point, it's all hands on deck. As you'll hear me say more, "They'll either respect our existence, or expect resistance." Become An EXCLUSIVE Member: Website: Newsletter Sign-Up: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. FanBase: @The_Freedom_Faction, @Freedoms_Faction FaceBook: Twitter: @FreedomsFaction, @NoizceEra Donate: Store: Operation Dunamis: