Shapeshifter Spotted, Grand Canyon, Secret Location, We come in Jeep, Ack Ack

Zorg shapeshifts at the Grand Canyon, Secret Location at the Rim, Ack Ack, Don't Talk Back! Jerry & Kathy Wills, Xpeditions, Patreon, Subscribe!! Jerry & Kathy Wills, Facebook Jerry & Kathy Wills, Thank you!! Such amazing people and such an amazing place. Exploring the area searching for entrances and the Lost City which was Global, thousands of years ago. The Brand New Aerial Camera was literally shot out of the sky by unknown forces. Before that happened a warning came up on screen saying something was above it. However it was above the rim and nothing we could see was above it. Then as it was landing, just fine, something glitched and it then smashed into the ground, nicking the jeep in the process. This was witnessed by, Jerry and Myself! HALO, Anunnaki!