Armed Couple Facing BLM Mob SPEAK OUT “We Were In FEAR OF OUR LIVES…The Agitators…WERE WHITE”!!!

DONATE via Paypal ➜ GoGetFunding ➜ When an angry and unruly BLM mob trespassed onto private property homeowners Mark and Patricia McCloskey armed themselves to protect their lives and their property after the mob uttered threats that they would kill them. Mark and Patricia McCloskey are personal-injury lawyers who work together in the McCloskey Law Center in St. Louis. The couple is receiving both praise and criticism online: some people are supporting them for protecting their property. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth reads the couple’s official statements regarding what happened and why they did what they did as tensions are still escalating in the wake of the death of George Floyd. Sources: Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin ➜ 13oNiHUNGn9vdfv7MT5kjwe7np9bwf5ccv Ethereum ➜ 0xEce2AEf1F26373a00BDC7243d1201a98578CC67e Monero ➜ 4AWFJdE8NEY6i4LxiQJDtUQFmaLdX2j35NYhoC2iv2foMPXBvaGjXwMPyJPgRVdAckT38rGXsRMkrdmmRs3PLARED1eWDd8 Bitcoin Cash ➜ 1MxgFpQdMujLYRTkSTw4PGDmL99s83PFKR Dash ➜ XirLdVdyaW9rXvhKic78ruc2X39HjNhdTV EOS ➜ 0x2BBB00605730feA136623CA366979705293DA659 Litecoin ➜ LVVaVCfNN25AuU1Ex2s4tX2Ze3iCig2kRo Donate Other Cryptocurrencies ➜ Or you can send an e-transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Follow Dan Dicks: PARLER ➜ INSTAGRAM ➜ TWITTER ➜!/DanDicksPFT ➜ PATREON ➜ SUBSCRIBESTAR ➜ FLOTE ➜ STEEMIT ➜ DTUBE ➜!/c/pressfortruth MINDS ➜ BITCHUTE ➜ GAB ➜ POCKETNET➜ DLIVE ➜ LBRY ➜