How to Find Wisdom in Everything! ~ Spirit Stream

If you're looking for a complete life transformation, look no further. Click here: Welcome back to yet another Spirit Stream! Today I want to open the discussion of Wisdom in a new way that we haven't discussed previously. It is about being able to entertain and explore ideas, feelings, and impulses without subscribing to them, and all of the magic of recognizing the multitudes of paradigms that exist all around us! If you liked this video, explore more content here ️ Our Great Transformation Begins Now! ~ Spirit Science Episode 1 ~ Spirit Science Complete Series ~ The Sumerian Epic ~ NEW PATCH PARABLES ~ Hidden Spirituality ~ Subscribe to this channel Connect with the Spirit Science Community ️ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Twitter ~ Website ~ #spiritscience #spirituality #science #mysteryschool #metaphysics #meditation #newage #spiritualawakening #enlightenment #spiritualteachers #consciousness #spiritual #spirit #tarot #spiritmysteries #patchtarot #evolution About Spirit Science Our mission at Spirit Science is to support you in your personal and spiritual evolution by providing a sacred space to explore and experience your spiritual journey. Our intention is to share and explore spirituality in an open-hearted way, with respect for all walks of life, honouring that which is beautiful and divine within each of us, nature, and the universe. Spirit Science is about the open-hearted exploration of Science and Spirituality - Free of Dogma or rigid belief systems and doctrines, and the elevation and transformation of human consciousness, as we move into an era of love and light. We are so glad you are here! We love reading and responding to your comments across our website, YouTube, and other social channels, so please share your thoughts and feelings with us and others in the comments! Truly, thank you for participating in the global conversation! In 2019, we launched Spirit Mysteries - The Spirit Science Mystery School. With hundreds of hours of training, classes, and workshops; as well as a growing number of beautiful souls making up the Spirit Family Community, Spirit Mysteries is one of the most complete and authentic Mystery Schools in the world. Click Here to learn more about our Mystery School Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this, and connect with our intentions. If you want to go deeper, come and explore our life-mastery workshop and experience a beautiful life transformation in just one week! Click here to learn more