The Top 4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Spirit!

Join us LIVE for a vibe-raising, head-to-Soul shine up (and to celebrate 10 years of Spirit Science) at our One-Day Spirit Renewal Experience... happening Sunday, April 11th! --- In Spring 2020, the whole world went into the longest “two-week temporary shut down” we’ve ever experienced. It's almost like we completely lost the light-hearted joys of spring and summer seasons as our collective focus shifted a sharp 90 degrees... But now that we’re in a new year, times are changing, people keep evolving, and it’s FINALLY time to receive the magic of energetic renewal from nature... so you can feel like the vibrant shiny being you really are! So today, here are our top 4 ways to make the most of the spirit of spring... to release last year's heavy energy & raise your vibration, so you can make this year the best one yet! And, if you want to go even deeper... and get EXTRA shiny... join us for our LIVE 10-year anniversary online event: The 1 Day Spirit Renewal Experience. You'll discover (and practice) 4 fundamental magickal tools that cleanse & boost your spirit almost instantly... Which are ESSENTIAL for spiritual people to get "unstuck"... and feel light, creative & enthusiastic... no matter what's going on in the world. Get all the details & register here: (Seeing this after April 11th? You're not too late! Click the link to get the recorded workshops & guided exercises!)